Lunch time ideas

Fried Rice

Gluten-free Fried Rice

Here in Australia, we are two thirds of the way through Autumn and the chill of winter is setting in before its time. It's got me thinking about comfort food and food to send to school warmed in thermoses. Pretty soon I'll be making big pots of soup. The slow cooker's already getting a good workout with lovely warming casseroles. Looking back on my recent lunchtime recipes, it appears that I'm in a bit of a rice theme. There's the Sushi Squares and the Pumpkin and Rice Salad. If I'd made … [Read More...]

Carrot Pea Fritters 1

Gluten-free Carrot and Pea Fritters

When my two eldest children were little, both were very picky eaters. I used to struggle to get them to eat any vegetables at all, and meat also caused all sorts of issues. I resorted to all sorts of tricks, including serving their food up in a container with a lid, asking "What's in there?" and then whipping the lid off with a dramatic flourish. It was always greeted with lots of giggles, and then the usual battle would begin. My eldest actually developed a liking for frozen peas and corn. … [Read More...]

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Recess time ideas

Anzac 1

Gluten-free Anzac Biscuits

Tomorrow, 25 April 2015, is the Centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, Turkey. It is a hugely important day in Australia's calendar and will be commemorated nation-wide with dawn services and … [Read More...]

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