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Sushi Squares

Gluten-free Sushi Squares

It has to be said, as much as I love my kids and even though I'd do just about anything for them, I draw the line at rolling sushi for their lunchboxes. Don't get me wrong - I used to roll sushi, BC ("before children"). But almost a decade has passed since I was BC and along with it those carefree childless days of having buckets of time to spend perfecting foodie techniques. It's a shame, really, because sushi is such a great gluten-free lunchbox food. So I got to thinking about sushi … [Read More...]

Celery Boats

Gluten-free Celery Boats

There's been much change around here of late. Not only does my blog now have a new home, but there's also my new eCookbook. They both launched a bit over a week ago, the same week that my eldest two kids started at a new school and my littlest started kindergarten. It was a huge week, that's for sure, and the whole family has been in need of a little down time. This past weekend, we found ourselves with no commitments so decided to book in to a nearby caravan (tourist) park for a little … [Read More...]

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