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EggplantCapsicum pasta bake

Gluten-free Recipe: Eggplant and Capsicum Pasta Bake

I've been in a bit of a vegetable rut over recent months. I tend to favour carrot, zucchini, corn, mushrooms and sweet potato or pumpkin. If you look back over my savoury recipes, you'll see that I've had them on high rotation. So, in the words immortalised by Taylor Swift, I decided to "shake it off" and introduce my kids to a few more veggies. Red capsicum, fennel and eggplant were my choice as I love them, they're a classic combination and they make a great Italian vegetable stew. I wasn't … [Read More...]

Italian style cornbread

Gluten-free Recipe: Italian Style Cornbread

Woop de doop! I've stumbled onto something here! I am just a wee bit of excited about this recipe, especially after lacking inspiration for savoury fare for some time now. My family loved this cornbread and when I offered it to a friend and her daughter to try, they also loved it. Nothing better than a thumbs up from someone outside the family! The oil gives this slice a lovely crisp crust and the yoghurt makes it moist on the inside. Try stopping at one piece! When I first attempted … [Read More...]

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Honey Lemon Ricotta Cakes

GFL’s Top 10 Lunchbox Snack Recipes

It's been a while between blog posts for me. I've had a disrupted couple of weeks as the school term has finished and kids have started holidays and I've also had a few health issues which have meant … [Read More...]

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