Lunch time ideas

Carrot Pea Fritters 1

Gluten-free Carrot and Pea Fritters

When my two eldest children were little, both were very picky eaters. I used to struggle to get them to eat any vegetables at all, and meat also caused all sorts of issues. I resorted to all sorts of tricks, including serving their food up in a container with a lid, asking "What's in there?" and then whipping the lid off with a dramatic flourish. It was always greeted with lots of giggles, and then the usual battle would begin. My eldest actually developed a liking for frozen peas and corn. … [Read More...]

Pumpkin rice salad

Gluten-free Pumpkin and Rice Salad

Ever since I've been writing this blog, my recipe attempts have been sent to school in the lunchboxes. Every day the kids ask what's in their lunchboxes, and often they're told that yet again they are to be the guinea pigs in my latest quest to perfect a recipe. There are frequent mutterings about "Mum's experiments" coming from my eldest two and until recently, they would sometimes even ask, "Please Mum, can we just have a sandwich?" It wasn't because they hated what I was packing for them - … [Read More...]

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Recess time ideas

banana choc muffins 2

Gluten-free Banana Choc Muffins

It's taken me quite some time to decide to blog this recipe. I developed it months ago and have made it many times since then. The texture of these muffins is moist and springy and they hold together … [Read More...]

Berry Bombs 2

Gluten-free Berry Bombs

The whole world's gone crazy for bliss balls. You know, clean little treats that are delightful combinations of dates, cacao powder, coconut in its various forms, cashew nuts, or whatever else tickles … [Read More...]

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